Kahle Technologies offers Chemical Process Consulting  to the Power Utility and Ultra-Pure Water Industries

I am Roger Kahle, and I have a passion for accurate Chemical Process Information in Plants of all types sizes and Industries. It is my belief that the best Plant Performance indicator is the measure of control that a plant has of its chemical processes. And for 33 years that has been my goal, to help plants succeed by making sure that they have accurate, timely, and reliable information available to Operators to comprehend and to act on accordingly. This is the only function that Chemical Instrumentation has.

Are your Process Analyzers providing accurate pH, Conductivity, Silica, Phosphate, Hydrazine, and Oxygen Concentration information reliably to your operators?

Kahle Technologies can help you to increase the value of your Chemistry Program to the Plant Operating and Management Staff.  While many companies only offer repair or refurbishment of their own product line, I offer a service that combines instrument repair and system performance improvement.

With 33 years experience in the Power and related Water Quality Industries, I can provide you with a comprehensive approach to problems with your new or existing instrumentation



Services offered to you through Kahle Technologies

Analyzer Repair & Calibration

Chemical Control Application

AVT, OT, EPT, CPT Consults

Process Monitoring Equipment

pH, Conductivity, O2, Na+

Instrumentation Purchase Consults

Demineralizer Consultation

Personnel Evaluation and Training

Polisher Performance Evaluations

Multi-Site Monitoring Consultations 

Site  Evaluations

DCS interface Consultations


Repair and Calibration of Chemical Instrumentation.

With many good plant chemists have superb historical skills. They can provide you with competent evaluations of situations that pertain to plant operation and chemical control.  With the increased usage of chemical instrumentation to provide history and control functions, the increased reliance on technicians to perform calibration/maintenance/repair of today's microprocessor controlled equipment are on the rise.  This has increased the overlap in skills base for Plant Chemists and Instrument Technicians.  I have the skill and knowledge to get your equipment performing at it's best, no matter what its age.

Equipment Evaluations

Kahle Technologies offers in-situ evaluation of your technical and professional assets.  These factors can effect the nature and quality of information that you will convey to your Engineering and Operating groups. With a focus on continuous improvement and budget I can offer you a perspective that "Sales Engineers" often overlook.  Sometimes the best fix is updating the application of existing equipment, or giving process information a new meaning to its end users!  If performance standards or even aesthetics indicate that new equipment is warranted, the quality and the purpose of the output is where I first look to help out.
    I can help your Plant to establish a new level of technical competence and increase the overall quality of  Chemical Instrumentation Programs.

Chemical Control

Kahle Technologies can help you with problematic Chemical Controls. The perspective that many Chemical Engineers have on many of the common Chemical Control problems may actually render the solution oblique.  These problems are often traced to a lack of a "Behind the Wet Bench" knowledge of what information your control elements really need, so that your final element can provide the control desired.

Information Display

"Sometimes the problem is created by aesthetics or convention. This can cause confusion for plant operators. I can help by matching conventions and models that are already familiar to Operators and Technicians.  These factors are not always evident to Engineers trying to satisfy design criteria that may be outmoded or duplicated in unrelated systems."


Mission Statement

"Kahle Technologies recognizes that the purpose of Plant Chemistry is to protect the value and the performance of your operating equipment.   The control of Plant Chemistry is largely a function of the Instrumentation that you have purchased.   The product of All instrumentation is information.  Without reliable information there is no way to provide an increased value in the controlled operation of Power Plant equipment.

    It is the purpose of Kahle Technologies to provide customers with an overall approach to Chemical Instrumentation and Control problems.  It is important to go beyond just repairing or calibrating equipment in the field.  It means training local personnel to ensure consistent instrument performance and to increase the value of information from your process analyzers."

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